Saturday, 9 October 2010

Re-scanned images and new stuff :)

  Hand, feet and flipper studies


Quick test of hairstyles on a self portrait morph.

  Pose ideas
 I like this last pose best and want to take inspiration from the "boomers" in Left for dead and Jenny Saville. Saville uses extreme angles to make the subject look more obese and disgusting. I want to work on making this pose more dynamic and extreme as well as showing more of a painful transformation.

Here are some reference pics I like:


  1. I really like the Jenny Saville references; you might also want to take another look at the work of

  2. cool thanks :) some of hers are really good! I bookmarked 'The Long Awaited' as thats very walrus-y/human and i love the 'The Young Family' one too - thankyou!

    and i love jenny saville :) i used her for some stuff back in GCSE!