Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Walrus Reference Images

Life Drawing - Take 1

I've done life drawing quite a bit so I was quietly confident about this, and again, I'm happy with the results. I'm gonna time myself next time as we weren't told how much time had passed and I was a bit too relaxed with it then found I was rushing some shading when we were told we were nearly done with that pose!

Pose 1 - 30mins

Pose 2 - 20mins

Pose 3 - 20mins

Pose 4 - 20mins
[but rushed cos tutor was discussing my work with me for ages!]


This was the first time I'd done realistic/observational drawing in a good few years, so I was relatively apprehensive, but I think it turned out pretty well considering!


finally! Now to upload everything! :)